Make a Donation

Make a donation
Rochester Community Boating (aka Rochester Sailing and Boating Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation.  Donations are tax-deductible as provided by law, for income, gift, and estate tax purposes.

Organizations or individuals may make donations of cash or property (boats, boating equipment, items for auction, etc.) via several paths ...

Cash via Check:  write and mail to ...
Rochester Community Boating
5555 St. Paul Blvd.
Rochester NY 14617

Organizations or individuals may make donations of property (boats, boating equipment, items for auction, etc.) by contacting Rochester Community Boating by email or phone for approval of the donation and confirmation of arrangements.

Rochester Community Boating
email:  [email protected]
Phone:  585-739-7248

United Way:
We receive some of our financial support via the United Way Annual Drive. We do not receive money through the general fund, but we are a Donor Option Agency. If you would like all or part of your gift to be donated to Rochester Community Boating, please designate 2612 on the form.

Some of our money comes from gifts given in memory of loved ones or friends. Friends and families may choose to give their memorial gifts to Rochester Community Boating to help others enjoy sailing and boating learning and experiences.

We also submit grant request proposals to groups which offer money for uses appropriate for the Rochester Community Boating Foundation. This is an ongoing process. If you know of a group which offers funds to groups such as ours, we appreciate you sharing this information with us.

We believe the growth and enjoyment of boating and sailing will rely on the wisdom of those who have the vision to provide us with financial long term security by designating larger gifts through wills.